Another Chance?

you look at me and cry, everything hurts
i hold you and whisper, but everything can’t heal

can i ask you something before it’s end?
Your tounge is made of ?

You’re a good storyteller, 
building a good character to save your pleasure
but you’ve forgot put my name in it, as a writer.

Life has give you a chance
Heart give you a sense to choose
When your Head full of pleasure and curious
Betraying is your choice.

Please stop searching why, 
Now we all know
Who will stay or leave.
Don’t ask me why

Pain teach me how to survive
how to be strong, how to tolerate
to be love and being loved

Trust teach me how to love my self
What to believe, my head or my heart sound
or not anymore..

Tell me, what am i supposed to do with us
I don’t have any trust
You just only have lust
But you don’t have any guts
no, no more just
everything has changes to the dust.

“You’ve touched me without even touching me. F”


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